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Why My Cat is My Best Friend

lilia catI’m a crazy cat lady. I found a cartoon that accurately describes my sentiments towards the domestic feline. A girl is petting a cat and saying, “Can I hang out with you? Humans are consistently disappointing”.

The thing is, humans are a lot of work. They majorly impact your decisions, cause drama or stress, and give back minimal love. As the sage (and fellow cat-lover) Taylor Swift once sang, “Was the high worth the pain?”. Not when you have a better option.

Cats are like furry pillows of love and purring. My cat, Scout, is the sweetest cat ever.  She looks the cutest when the light is dim in my room and her pupils get giant, making her look like the most innocent animal in the world. People who don’t like cats meet her, and Scout changes their mind. She jumps on top of anyone who is on my bed and immediately start purring. She’s acutely aware of how my family is feeling, and will abandon her usual sleeping place to visit with someone who is sad or stressed.

When I leave my house in the morning, Scout is always curled up like a cinnamon roll on my bed, and when I get home five hours later (no exaggeration), and she’s in the exact same position. She most likely hasn’t moved, unless to satiate herself with cat food.

Her life is food, sleep, and love. It is for all these reasons and more that my cat is my best friend.