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Marlborough in Entertainment

Marlborough’s ever-graceful halls of learning have been around for 125 years. Something can’t exist that long without being mentioned in the ever-growing television industry at least once. In the past few years, Marlborough’s has been in the spotlight with a reputation as an elite all girl’s school.

In the crime drama television show Ray Donovan on Showtime, Marlborough is portrayed as an exclusive Los Angeles school. When Ray criticizes his daughter’s outfit, Abby Dovovan, Ray’s wife, replies “This is how they dress in Calabasas. You want her to dress differently, she needs to go to Marlborough or Harvard-Westlake.” Her casual reference to our impeccable uniforms implies that we are an upstanding school with girls who dress appropriately and presentable. Throughout the first episode, Abby continues to push her daughter and family to change schools to Marlborough.

The Spielberg family gets a lot of their inspiration from Marlborough. Sasha Spielberg’s new ABC sitcom Girls Without Boys is a show that explores what it’s like to be an intelligent student from an all-girls school with no social skills based off of her experiences at Marlborough.

Recently, the Steven Spielberg’s new Fox hospital dramedy Red Band Society mentioned Marlborough during an interaction between two characters imagining what their pasts might have been like if not for their illnesses. Leo Roth, one character, says to the other, Emma Chota, that they would have met at a debate competition: “We had this tournament at this snotty girls school. You were a scholarship student obviously. What is that place called again?” To which Emma answers, “Marlborough,” messing up its pronunciation as she replies with a smile.

According to the International Business Times, the show is rumored to be cancelled after its first ten episodes, rightful revenge for dissing Marlborough and pronouncing its name wrong.

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