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How to Care for Your Ombre Hair

Ombre hair, a coloring style in which the bottom of the hair is significantly lighter than the top, has been a big trend these past few years, and I definitely agree with stylists that the sun-kissed look is here to stay. Last summer, I got my hair “ombre’ed,” and I’ve loved the look since I left from the salon. I have learned that it is not a high-maintenance look to keep up, but one cannot simply continue with their regular hair routine after bleaching and dying one’s hair.  From using purple shampoo (yes! purple!) to staying away from heat, here are some easy tips that will make your ombre hair look salon-quality everyday.


After the first few washes of your ombre hair, you’ll notice that the bleached ends of your hair may be frizzier or less tamed than they were before. This is because bleach, the chemical agent that lifts color from your hair, takes the moisture away some of your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it drier. Thus, it is really important that you initially use a moisturizing shampoo to restore your natural shine. Once your hair starts looking healthy and strong again, feel free to use the moisturizing shampoo when necessary.


Although your hair may retain its original salon-look for a few months, you may notice your hair starting to turn brassy or a bit orange after these few months are up. Coloring your hair involves using yellow, red, and blue coloring molecules, but blue is often the first to wash off, leaving only yellow and red tones that give off a brassy appearance. But never fear! There is a quick fix to counteract these unwanted undertones; just use purple toning shampoo! Yes, I know it sounds scary, but it honestly works miraculously in restoring your dyed ends to a more desirable color. Using the toner once a week should do the trick.


Many girls are aware of the damaging effects of heat on their hair, but girls with ombre hair should take extra precaution. Flat irons, curling irons, and blowdryers can all denature the protein in your hair causing breakage and split ends. Since it is already fragile due to the dying process used to achieve it, ombre hair can suffer tremendously from heat. Therefore, make sure to stay away from heated hair devices whenever you can. There are plenty of easy non-heat ways to curl your hair on Pinterest or Youtube. Of course, for special occasions like parties and weddings, it’s tempting to use heated products to style your locks, but if you do, make sure you are equipped with heat protecting spray.