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Babies to Follow on Instagram

instagram_babiesIf you’ve ever walked down a public street with me, you are well aware of my shockingly tight arm grip which I will execute upon you if and when a baby passes by. Literally every time. Even tighter when the baby is actually a toddler that can sort of walk but often falls (hopefully into your arms!). Sometimes I think that babies are actually just personified, cute versions of my nostalgia for my innocent past. Either way, they are scrumptious little things and though they are even cuter in person (when you might be able to get a whiff of baby powder and Johnsons & Johnsons shampoo), going outside is absolutely taxing on the body and mind of a sleep-deprived Marlbs girl. So, if you need your daily baby fix, I have compiled a short list of the cutest babies on Instagram.


At first I felt pretty creepy, looking at photos and videos of babies that I didn’t know. But then I realized, hey, these kind-hearted parents just want to make peoples’ days better by sharing their adorable children on social media. So the devil on my left shoulder gave up the argument and looked at the photos with me.


First we have ambyjune, a profile run by Amber, mother of seven month old June (whom she refers to as Junebug/bear…Ugh, motherhood). Not only is June the most smiley baby I have ever laid eyes upon (or she just turns it on for the camera), my day is improved even further when Amber posts photos of their mother-daughter matching winter sweaters. Can you say adorable?!


Next up is shesimone, founder and CEO of Louis B Kids, not to mention mother of two stunning children. Her daughter, Summer (aka “Sparkle”) gives the camera too much sass to handle, and is totally adored by her older brother, SJ. These kids are just too cute– sleeping, posing, or helping mom with Christmas tree shopping. As a bonus, we can be so jealous of this cool mama and her CEO ways.


Finally is lachowski_milo, son of models Francisco and Jessieann Lachowski. Ok soo, we all know that stunning model Francisco Lachowski, but I had no idea he had a child, not to mention wife, until I came across his Instagram (see, mom, social media IS for the better!). This boy shows off some of his funniest faces for the camera, but the best photos come from his parents’ wedding, in which he is wearing matching button-downs with dad.


This is, in no way, the be-all, end-all, of baby Instagrams. Another fun thing to do while creeping through these accounts is to find others! Because apparently all parents with cute children know each other. It’s whatever.