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5 Dogs to Follow on Instagram

Instagram Feed (n.) –  photos of friends, “happy birthday” posts, #tbts, #ootds and, most importantly, flicks of cute animals (read: dogs!)

Scrolling and double-tapping through our Instagram feeds are  some of the small delights we take in our days piled with homework and caffeine. So, why not add more fluff to your feed by following these five photogenic furry friends? (Don’t worry. Your ratio will survive.)

  1. @emwng – Emily Wang features photos of her two dogs, Chibi and Koroko. Chibi is a chubby Corgi, and Koroko is a white American Husky. Emily’s high-quality photos of her lovable dogs always are always “like” worthy!
  2. @harlowandsage – If you’re a fan of big and little dog duos, then you must follow this account! Although Sage now rests in doggie-heaven, Harlow, a Weimaraner, has found a new best friend in Dachshund puppy Indiana. Their flow consists of photos and adorable videos, including Classic Joke Monday and their love of Meryl Streep.  If you can’t get enough cuteness from their instagram, you can buy their book entitled Harlow and Sage (and Indiana).
  3. @mobibear – This beloved pup is named Momo the Eskie and will grace your feed daily to surely make you smile. Momo posts a lot about her daily life as a furry friend. From baths in a tub to posing with her pink tongue hanging out, her life seems much more relaxing than ours!
  4.  @ichaity – Chaity, owner of the account, follows the tail (pun intended!) of her pooch, Riley. Riley, a Parson French Canadian Dog, is often photographed dressed up in sweaters of all sorts, scarves, and bowties, amidst white sheets and blankets. This dog is not only famous for his Instagram, but also his role as a “spokesdoggy” for canine dental health and awareness of animal abuse.
  5. @piggyandpolly – Piggy and Polly are two white French Bulldogs who are living it up in Delray Beach, Florida. With 112k followers, their account consists of photos of these two adorable pooches snuggling and rolling around in their bed. Their perky ears will definitely make you want to join the cuddle party.