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Who Needs a Gym?

Runyon Canyon by Rachel ’15

Living in Los Angeles, a city many consider a place full of workout and health-obsessed people, the opportunities to exercise are endless. With the accommodating landscape of beaches, metropolis and mountains, and, of course, the perfect weather, you can’t go wrong.   Who needs a gym when the city we live in is one giant, public outdoor exercise space in and of itself? Here are some ways to take advantage of the picturesque weather and be active without a treadmill:

Stair Climbs: Say goodbye to the Stairmaster you dread so much and hello to perfectly toned calves. On 7th street and Entrada in Santa Monica, the stairs provide you with 2 options: wooden stairs or concrete steps, each containing roughly 180 levels. Run these steps up and down a few times, and you will start to feel your legs burning, but you won’t regret this decision.

Yoga at Runyon: Are you in need of some deep breathing and downward dog? If you answered yes, then head over to Runyon Canyon, where you will do sun salutations on a grassy knoll that overlooks the city. Five times a day, Runyon offers free yoga classes.

Hikes: In need of a workout that you can do with friends and maybe even get an Instagram picture out of? Hiking Los Angeles is a killer workout, because as we’re gifted with our many state parks and canyons. There are countless hiking trails in the city, but a personal favorite is Los Liones Canyon located in Topanga State Park. While it’s a relentless climb to the top, the view is breathtaking (literally and figuratively). This 7-mile climb is worth every drop of sweat.

Paddle Boarding: Not many things wake you up quite like a cold splash of the Pacific Ocean. Located at various spots along the coastline are paddle board rental shops. The constant paddling motion will give you those killer abs you’ve been working towards. Grab some friends, rent boards, and get ready for a core-burning workout, but don’t forget the sunblock!