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The Visiting Artist Shows Work In Seaver

by Car'17
by Car’17

Every year, Marlborough’s Visual Arts program invites an “Visiting Artist” to do a show in Seaver Gallery. This year, Marlborough is hosting artist Shane Guffogg in the art exhibit. Guffogg was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He became interested in art in his teenage years and started out by working in artist’s galleries. Working in the galleries influenced him to become an artist himself.  Most of his artwork is exhibited in art shows and galleries in Los Angeles, but some of his work has also been shown all around the United States.

Guffogg works with oil, watercolor, pastel and gouache (a type of paint) on paper and canvas. In his paintings, he tries to convey what language does not, such as symbols, signs, patterns, light, depth, emotion and spirit. His inspiration for his work is light and abstraction. He tends to layer patterns of light upon one another, creating a complex image. He also paints different variations of light and color. Most of his paintings have a lot of shades of light and dark colors, which make the lines more abstract, according to his biography on his website.

Some of Guffogg’s paintings are currently hanging on the walls of Seaver Gallery. “His work portrays emotion. I like the different colors and shades he paints with each brush stroke,” said Noa Skikne ‘16. Most of the paintings show the movement of light on a canvas. Each painting has a new feel to it, with the different strokes of the brush and the different colors and shading. By the different lighting, patterns and signs, he is portraying different emotions and spirits through his work, according to his website.