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Pumpkin Patches: Why We Keep Coming Back

Photo by Carina '15
Photo by Carina ’15


It’s that time of year again. A time for pumpkin spice lattes with those pumpkin scones to match from Starbucks; cozy, oversized sweaters; burgundy manicures; your favorite fall movies; those equestrian-style boots; and your Halloween costume. And as we reach fall, more teenagers are taking part in the beloved pumpkin-patch visit, a tradition that takes us back to pre-adolescent years. This childhood favorite is essential during Halloween season, but have we lost track of the meaning and value of visiting pumpkin patches? Is society focusing more on getting the perfect Instagram photo or taking photos with friends rather than appreciating the hundreds of pumpkins before us and picking out the perfect one?


Too often, we use these activities as opportunities for Instagram photos (you know you posted that photo of leaves with that hipster caption) or a good Snapchat story #fall #leaves #mypumpkinisbetterthanyours. And in doing so, we lose the meaning behind these classic holiday traditions and forget the awe we had that first time we chose a pumpkin. We reminisce The first time we took it home, carved it without parents, and lit it up to display on Halloween on our front porches. This year, we should focus on being present in these moments with our families and friends, and even if we are reminiscing about the joys of a much less stressful time, we should try to find new meaning and appreciation in this tradition so that we may always have legitimate reasons to come back to pumpkin patches.