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Did Kim Kardashian Break the Internet?

Graphic by: McKenna '14
Graphic by: McKenna ’14

Kim Kardashian, socialite, entrepreneur, wife and mother, graced the cover of the Winter 2014 issue of Paper Magazine released on Nov. 11, baring her backside to the camera. The picture features Kardashian holding a sequined fabric behind her and smiling over her left shoulder, wearing nothing but a pearl necklace, an elaborate hairdo and a pair of black satin gloves. The cover also features big block letters stating: “BREAK THE INTERNET KIM KARDASHIAN.” Due to her high follower count on the Internet and overall popularity (her husband is Kanye West!), Kardashian has done just what the cover says; she broke the Internet! The reactions have ranged from comments about “girl power,” “Photoshop!” “She’s a mother!” “Plastic surgery!” and “Vapid, classless excuse for a woman,” according to Vibe’s Perfect Internet Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Ridonkulous Paper Mag Cover. However, people may be missing the artistic component to the risqué photos; according to Paper, the photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, was asked to recreate one of his iconic photos of model Carolina Beaumont for this specific project. The original photos, dubbed the “Champagne Incident,” feature Beaumont naked with a champagne flute resting on her backside, while a freshly popped champagne bottle defies gravity and pours into the glass. So is it homage to Goude’s timeless work or a Kardashian-calculated publicity move? It’s up to the Internet to decide!