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Peanuts, Dairy and Gluten, Oh My!

Photo by Flikr user uacescomm
Photo by Flikr user uacescomm

The number of teens who accumulate allergies, as opposed to being born with them, is on the rise. These seven foods that are listed below are responsible for 90% of the allergic reactions seen in teens, according to Kids With Food Allergies. My allergist explained to me that the reason teens easily accumulate allergies is that when we enjoy eating a certain food, we eat too much of it, and soon enough our bodies can no longer tolerate it. That’s what happened to me with oats and bananas! Starting in the 2nd grade, I would eat oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas every morning. But in 9th grade, I came to school one morning and couldn’t swallow after eating my normal breakfast. My tongue was completely swollen and looked like a “topographic map,” as my doctor put it. I also developed heinous red bumps all around my mouth. So, ever since then, I haven’t eaten any oatmeal, hard as it is. On some mornings, I literally thought that this allergy would be the death of me, because there truly is nothing better than Quaker Oats, but I have learned to live without my favorite breakfast. Although, I must add, if you ever hear a moan in the caf, it’s most definitely me, jellin’ because a girl in front of me is buying some. In order to help you avoid the same experience I had, I have provided you with a list of the most common food allergies in the United States, so keep an eye out!

1. Peanuts (Sucks for you, because what’s life without peanut M&Ms?)

2. Eggs

3. Milk (I’m intolerant, it’s pretty fab.)

4. Tree nuts, especially almonds (I’m allergic.)

5. Shellfish, especially crab, lobster and shrimp (I’m allergic to all those as well—how ‘bout them apples?)

6. Soy (You prob guessed it, and you’re right…I’m allergic.)

7. Wheat (Shocker! I’m not allergic! Bread is everything.)