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Netflix’s Must Watch


I often find myself searching for new TV shows to start watching, and, like many Marlborough girls, I often gravitate towards Netflix. So if you are looking to start watching a new show, check out one of these.

Breaking Bad: This is one of the most carefully crafted shows I have ever seen. Every episode throws a new twist your way, and you will never be bored. The show follows Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher, and his growing methamphetamine business, detailing his daily struggles with his family and the industry. There are 6 seasons, and all of them are available on Netflix, with the exception of the last one. The acting and directing are impeccable, and the plot is constantly evolving. This show is a serious drama and an emotional roller coaster and it is worth every second.

Orange is the New Black: This show is actually a Netflix original, meaning that it is only available on Netflix. Despite my initial worries about the quality of a show produced by Netflix, I was totally hooked after the first episode. The show revolves around Piper Chapman, a bisexual, young, upper-middle-class woman who is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s prison after helping her ex-girlfriend transport drug money. This show is pretty raunchy and is based off of a memoir written by Piper Kerman, so it is not completely farfetched. As a dramatic comedy, it addresses a wide range of human emotions and is thoroughly entertaining.

So, if you find yourself sitting at home on a Friday night with nothing to do, I highly suggest that you check out one, or both, of these shows!