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Why Not Try a Cartilage Piercing?

Photo by Flikr user ruthsilvaaa
Photo by Flikr user ruthsilvaaa

Admit it. You saw Sara Foster as Jen Clark on The CW’s hit show 90210 and died of jealousy. She’s tall, she’s blonde, she’s fabulously dressed and, most importantly, she has a cartilage piercing. I thought a cartilage piercing equalled the definition of cool, especially the way Jen wore it with a dainty gold hoop and her hair pulled back. Utter perfection.

I too wanted that totally cool, perhaps even Bohemian look, so I immediately did some research on cartilage piercings after I watched that episode. I started planning my own cartilage piercing for almost a year and a half before I actually got it done. This type of piercing, as opposed to earlobe piercing, requires a different set of caretaking rules. First of all, it is recommended to leave the original stud earring in for at least eight to twelve weeks, not the standard six to eight weeks. Secondly, the cartilage is way more susceptible to infection and pain because the piercing is done in a more delicate area than just the earlobe. Finally, your cartilage piercing will be sensitive for a while after you get it done. You might have to sleep on your left side if you get your right ear pierced, for example, because of the noticeable, dull ache. That specific type of pain will go away after the first week or two, but you will most definitely notice it when trying to wash or dry your hair, pull on a T-shirt or do anything else that might aggravate it. Do not try to do this type of piercing by yourself—the cartilage is so much more sensitive than the earlobe, and I’m repeating myself here because it’s so important to get the procedure done professionally.

Cartilage piercings, in my humble opinion, look really good when done right. If you decide to get one, take good care of it, and wear a quality earring (gold is best) in order to reduce the possibility of infection. Be responsible with your earring, and you will look adorable. Trust me.