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Tools to Get Your Mind Off College

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There’s not a lot seniors can do to keep their minds off of college. Even in a senior’s sleep, college can creep into her subconscious and turn a normal night of sleep into one giant nightmare. Rejections are never pretty (fair warning to everyone).

Anyways, here are some suggestions for those stressed seniors:

Chocolate. The sweet taste melts on your tongue as all your troubles momentarily go away and you are encompassed by the warmth and love it gives you.

Online Shopping. Need I say more? Hours of shoes, shirts, coats, dresses and jewelry help to numb your college concerns and bring out your credit cards and dwindling bank accounts. Stores like BooHoo, Style Nanda or Runaway Bandits are perfect for shopaholics trying to avoid their problems.

Buzzfeed. You can waste hours (those that you should be spending on schoolwork and college applications) on this website keeping up with the celebrity news and gossip.

Reading a book. What? Reading? Marlborough students have time to read? Answer: probably not. However, if it gets your mind off of college, then you might as well get sucked into a good fiction book and live vicariously through the protagonist’s story. Try Flowers in the Attic. While seemingly strange and bizarre, the book manages to suck you into the children’s lives and its scenario of abuse, which may even make you a little more grateful for the life you have.

Have fun, seniors!