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Sour Patch Watermelon: Coming to Theaters Soon

Photo by Flikr user jbpro
Photo by Flikr user jbpro

Why do people enjoy going to the movie theater? Sure, some films look best on the big screen, where the surround sound and plush seats help transport you to other worlds. Other times a large crowd of equally devoted movie-goers may also add to the excitement of the movie experience as you all cry together, sigh together and laugh together. But let’s be honest those plush seats have nothing on your comfy, familiar couch at home, and the surround-sound effect can fit in your pocket in the form of ear buds. So I ask this again, Why do people enjoy going to the movie theater? The answer is simple: It’s the food. By enacting the two following snack-related tips, you will increase your food experience at the movies tremendously.

Everyone knows about the huge assortment of candy, drinks and popcorn tactfully displayed in the see-through counter outside the movie theater. It’s impossible to miss, with its army of brightly clad employees behind equally bright display cases alight with dozens of tiny spotlights. A word of advice: Make up your mind about what you are going to get before you approach the counter. If you don’t, you will either purchase everything in sight, as the world-class candy company marketing and neon packages befuddle all reasonable thoughts in your mind, or you will leave empty-handed, completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and possibilities. My go-to’s are always either Sour Patch Watermelon or Junior Mints. If I am feeling especially hungry and want something more salty, I may splurge on some popcorn.

Once inside the theater, the real fun begins. It’s too dark in the theater for anyone to observe what or how you are eating, so you have no reason to worry about someone judging you. This is the time to let out your inner five year old and shovel as much food as you want into your mouth—getting it all over yourself in the process—because no one cares or knows.

I will leave you with this parting message. Let loose when it comes to eating the next time you find yourself in a movie theater. Eat as much as you want of anything you want, and don’t feel ashamed for a second. Who knows when you will be back? There is only so much vertigo and so many neck cramps that you can put up with in a week. You might as well make it special when you’re there.