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It’s Vegan, Baby!

Photo by Flikr user Matt Kowal
Photo by Flikr user Matt Kowal

According to the Huffington Post, more and more people are becoming vegan nowadays for the health benefits and/or their love of animals.

Being a vegan means you don’t eat any food product from animals. You can’t eat any kind of meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish or lamb; dairy products such as cheese, milk, cream, yogurt or eggs are also off-limits. So what can a vegan eat?

Rachel ’14, who has been a vegan on and off for 4 years, finds a way to eat her favorite foods and still follow the rules of veganism.

“What I love about being vegan is knowing exactly where my food came from,” Rachel said.

Here is what Rachel eats on a typical day:

For breakfast: raspberries and pistachios

For lunch: a salad with tons of vegetables, chickpeas, beans topped with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar

For dinner: stir-fry of tofu, carrots, snap peas and rice

Although it is technically against veganism, Rachel throws in some fish or sushi once and a while for protein.

Interested in becoming a vegan? Here are some tips for the first time vegan. Happy Eating!