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Marlborough App-titude

mobile apps
Photo by Isabel ’14.

Whether you want to browse for fun or find out what class you have next period when you leave your planner at home, Marlborough School’s apps and social networking accounts are the perfect way to stay up-to-date. Only a click of a button away, apps, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are fun, informative and convenient.

1. Marlborough App: You can download this handy app from the App Store for free for a School directory, easy access to the School’s various social media accounts, a link to the new Marlborough website, online donation opportunities and an online School calendar.

2. Marlborough Twitter account: Follow @Marlborough on Twitter for updates on Marlborough news. If you’re lucky, Marlborough might even re-tweet your tweet! You can also find lots of fun photos of events on campus here.

3.  Marlborough Athletics Twitter account: You never have to feel guilty about missing your friends’ sports games again! Follow @Mustang_Sports on Twitter for access to frequent, and often live, Marlborough sports games updates. Aside from a super cool purple display, @Mustang_Sports also features the latest news in Marlborough athletics.

4. Marlborough Athletics Instagram account: To see some candid photos of your fellow Marlborough students in action, follow Mustang_Sports on Instagram. #Marlborough #Mustangs

5. Marlborough Facebook page: “Like” the Marlborough Facebook page to catch school-related news posts, 125 years’ worth of uploaded pictures and fun games like “Mystery Photo” that will keep you entertained.

6. UV App: You can read all the latest UltraViolet articles and posts anytime, anywhere with the UltraViolet app. All you need is your iPhone or tablet!