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We Want A Panini Palace!

Photo by Flickr user stevendepolo
Photo by Flickr user stevendepolo.

Some afternoons, especially after an AP Bio or Euro test, I am in desperate need of a panini. I crave a warm mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini on ciabatta, specifically. Wine and Cheese is good and all, but sometimes you just need a hot sandwich with melted cheese to satisfy your taste buds.

Occasionally, the café will make paninis for everyone who can’t go off campus. However, these are not exactly what I am looking for. They taste good, but they are not that delectable gourmet panini that tops the charts.

Larchmont has almost every kind of food you could imagine: sandwiches, Italian, sushi, coffee, and even Greek, but the one thing that it is lacking is a panini shop. Now, many of you may say that paninis are just fancy warmed-up sandwiches, and you would be right. But, there is nothing like biting into that toasted bread and sinking your teeth into the melted cheese and other ingredients inside. There is one place on Larchmont that does sell paninis, Baciami Gelateria & Creperia, but these are not the best quality.

Baciami’s specialties are crêpes and gelato, both of which are delicious; however, its decision to venture out into making sandwiches was not a good one. Its paninis are not up to par; they are not thoroughly warmed until the cheese is melted, and they tend to be very dry.

This panini niche must be filled. Larchmont is in desperate need of a café that sells paninis. Restaurants such as Le Pain Quotidien serve breakfast and open-face tartines, but they are not panini makers. I think students craving a deliciously toasted panini would benefit greatly from a new restaurant on our two block dining haven.