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Feelin Scandalous?


Kerry Washington, the leading lady on the ABC smash-hit “Scandal,” hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past week. If you are not watching “Scandal” by now…Lord Jesus, where have you been this past year and a half?

Just to give you a little recap…“Scandal” follows Washington D.C. fixer Olivia Pope and her consulting firm, Pope and Associates, as she helps cheating senators, disgraced CIA assassins, closeted gay Republican officials, and other clichés navigate the tricky world of modern-day politics, where image is everything.

Hang on, don’t lose interest yet, you scatterbrained millennial with an attention span shorter than a Vine.

Besides ruling the world, Olivia also manages to set aside time for a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship with a kind man who has a good job—and by good job, I mean the President of the United States of America. Oh, and did I say healthy and fulfilling? I meant volatile and emotionally manipulative. But as much as the back and forth between Olivia and the oh-so-fine President Fitzgerald Grant III may frustrate viewers, their tumultuous relationship and their explosive chemistry is the very heart of the show

Other reasons to watch include the brilliant and frighteningly cruel First Lady of the United States, Mellie Grant;, Olivia’s impeccable style choices;, and this man’s abs. Now that you’re all caught up, park yourself in front of the nearest television or computer, log on to Netflix, and become entrenched in all of the juicy drama of the Washington elite for the low, low price of a third of a letter grade in each of your classes! You’re welcome.