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Casino Night at Busby’s Hits the Jackpot

Freshmen and their guests enjoy the casino-themed entertainment at Busby's Restaurant. Photo courtesy of Lori '14.
Freshmen and their guests enjoy the casino-themed entertainment at Busby’s Restaurant. Photo courtesy of Lori ’14.

On Oct. 19, the freshman class’ annual Casino Night took place at Busby’s Restaurant, rather than at a family home, thanks to the offer of owner Paul Boettcher, the father of Lavinia ’17.

Lavinia explained that it was a great experience to see everyone come together and have fun at her father’s restaurant.

“It was a perfect setup,

because there was enough space to dance and be social with people, and then there were also places that were a little quieter,” she said.

Around 200 people showed up, which means, yes, there were boys in the crowd, thanks to efforts by ninth-grade student council to encourage students from outside of Marlborough to attend. To ensure that all of the guests would have a good time, the student council coordinated with the parents’ committee and compiled a music playlist. Like every year, there was food, dancing, and casino entertainment, such as craps, ski ball, pool, blackjack and poker. The parents’ committee itself put together the renowned basket prizes, which contained items ranging from makeup, to iPads to Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

The restaurant venue facilitated the planning process by providing food, furniture, and space. 9th Grade Level Dean Helen Mendoza plays a large role in coordinating the night and expressed gratitude for the convenience of the venue, as well as for the elimination of the costs of furniture rental, supplies and transportation, not to mention the girls being allowed to wear high heels.

“Having the event at a restaurant eliminates a lot of the trouble,” Mendoza explained.9