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3 Lies That Will Make You Stop Believing in the Media

Photo by flikr user casalettwebdesign
Photo by flikr user casalettwebdesign

In my search to find funny, unusual news stories that would be of interest to other students our age, I came across three that seemed to have one thing in common: their inaccuracy.

The first article to catch my attention was the shocking news that the world renowned DJ, Steve Aoki  had won an award titled “Special Achievement Award from the American Council of Performing Arts.” The award celebrated Mr. Aoki’s ability to put on an act as a musical artist for the past 15 years of his life, without actually being one–it was just a performance. The article backed up its claim by stating that Aoki’s insane stage presence and unique character were all just part of an act.

“I wanted to explore the fickle nature of popular music fads by devising a public and onstage persona that could push the bounds of ridiculous behaviour to an extreme and still manage to get away with it,” Aoki said, according to Wunderground.

After looking up the award he was said to have received, I found that it did not exist; therefore, there is a high probability that the validity of Aoki’s false artistic identity does not either.

I later searched YouTube and found a disturbing viral video of a girl twerking on camera, falling over, and subsequently catching on fire. As real as it appeared to viewers, including news reporters who shared the consequences of twerking on screen, Jimmy Kimmel later confirmed that the video was a prank that he had coordinated. The girl in the video was a professional stunt artist.

I finally came across the feature about “Candy Crush Rehab.”  How perfect, I thought, considering that this has taken over the lives of many students within our community. The game has apparently consumed the lives of over 100 million people worldwide who cannot seem to cut their obsession short. As a result of the rising reports in people’s obsession with Candy Crush, the UK Center for Addiction Treatment decided to create a treatment package to help those who suffer from digital-app addictions. For all of you Candy Crush addicts out there who were relieved to find out that there is a rehabilitation center to help you in desperate times, I am here to tell you that another alternative may be needed. This too was later confirmed to be a “hoax”; no such treatment plan exists.