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Athletics Council Uploads to @Mustang_Sports

Stay up to date with Malborough athletics by following @Mustang_Sports on Instagram. Photo by Sarah '16.
Stay up to date with Malborough athletics by following @Mustang_Sports on Instagram. Photo by Sarah ’16.

Have you ever wished that you could show your parents, friends, and classmates that wicked goal you scored the other day? How about an awesome picture of you in action during your basketball game? Well, on Monday, Sept. 30, the Athletics Council launched an Instagram account, @Mustang_Sports, where pictures of all of Marlborough’s sporting events are uploaded in order to increase school pride.

According to Athletics Director David Collicutt, the new platform will boost school-wide spirit due to its accessibility to  students who have their own Instagram accounts and therefore can view the uploaded pictures.

The Athletic Department has previously tried to get the word out about Marlborough’s many games, matches, and meets by means of social media. Collicutt created a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, a Google+ account, and a Facebook page. These methods connected well with parents and alumnae.

“But there’s one problem,” Collicutt said, “very few students have a Twitter!” It is the same for the other mediums of social media. So when Instagram gained popularity in 2011, the best idea to get students more involved in the School’s activities seemed to be encouraging them to tap a simple “Follow” button on their phones.

In addition to Collicutt, everyone on the Athletics Council has access to this Instagram account and can to upload pictures that they take during events. The account is also connected to the @Mustang_Sports Twitter feed, so whenever a picture is uploaded onto Instagram, tweeters in the Marlborough community will see the same image.