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Cool Off with Kakigori!

Photo by Flickr user Matsuyuki
Photo by Flickr user Matsuyuki.

School is back in session, but it is still a thousand degrees outside. So, I’ve come up with a few summer deserts that will help cool everyone down during this blazing September. One thing that I find necessary in any perfect dessert is lightness. I try not to eat something thick and heavy that makes me feel bloated for four hours and then sleepy for the next six.

My absolute favorite dessert is Kakigori, which is more well known as shaved ice with condensed milk and an assortment of toppings. It’s kind of like Yogurtland, except with shaved ice. It’s relatively simple to make, even at home. Here’s what you do: shave some ice, pour condensed milk onto the ice, cut up fruits or crushed Oreos or whatever you want, and then devour your delicious creation. Guppies Tea House is a great place to get this treat if you are too lazy to make it yourself at home. Sure, the restaurant serves other food, but people usually only go for the dessert. One order will serve eight people.

Another delight is a simple Bailey’s Fruit Dip with strawberries. The dip consists of two or three tablespoons of brown sugar, two or three tablespoons of Bailey’s Irish Cream and one tub of sour cream. Just mix it all together, go to your nearest farmer’s market, buy some strawberries and ta-dah. It’s delicious and light and helps me pretend that I’m a healthy eater.