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Too Sexy for Saudi

Photo by flikr user bobaliciouslondon.
Photo by flikr user bobaliciouslondon.

Three men from the country of United Arab Emirates were reportedly deported from Saudi Arabia while attending the Jenadrivah Heritage & Culture Festival in the city of Riyadh for being too attractive.

Considering that women in the UAE are not permitted to speak to men they are not related to, Saudi police officers saw the appearances of these three men as an immediate threat. According to First Post, an online news site, police wanted to deport these men before “Saudi women see them and find them too irresistible to not fall in love.” The men were removed from the festival and then deported back to Abu Dhabi, their home capital. For women in search of “super hot” Arab men, you should consider planning a vacation to Abu Dhabi!

Isn’t this the type of problem everyone would like to experience? Please take a look at one of the eye-liner-wearing men who was too attractive for Saudi women. The irony is that no women were actually permitted to be at the event where these men were apprehended.

Saudi Arabia has surely outdone itself with this “too sexy” rule by “protecting” women from attractive males. How thoughtful! As a young woman in America, I wish we had similar protection. I would like our police to exile Justin Bieber and One Direction to protect the virtue of our twelve year olds.