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COL Hosts Car Wash Benefitting Union Rescue Mission

car wash
Marlborough’s Community Outreach League held a car wash to benefit the Union Rescue Mission. Photo by flikr user bark.

On Mar. 9, Marlborough’s Community Outreach League (COL) partnered with Loyola High School and held a car wash to raise funds for Union Rescue Mission (URM), a foundation dedicated to helping homeless men, women and children. The group charged $15 per car for Marlborough and Loyola students and faculty and $20 for all other customers.

URM is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1891 and is the oldest rescue mission in Los Angeles. It provides shelter and food to the homeless on Skid Row, an area with one of the highest concentrations of homelessness in the city.

COL Member Olivia ’14 said she felt the effort was tiring but successful.

“It was a lot of work and really hot that day, [but] we raised a little over $1020,” she said.

Olivia will go on to become Co-President of COL along with Sophie ’14 and Caroline ’14 after the graduation of current Co-Presidents Zoe ’13 and Eliza ’13.