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What’s Up with Sushi?

Fresh spicy tuna sits on a block of crispy rice to make Katsuya's famous dish. photo by Flickr user maveric2003
Fresh spicy tuna sits on a block of crispy rice to make Katsuya’s famous dish. photo by Flickr user maveric2003

When I ask people all around School, “Where should I go to eat? What are the cool places right now?” I seem to always get the same answer: sushi, sushi, sushi. But where are the go-to spots to get some top-notch raw fish, white rice and seaweed?

     Like many other Marlborough students, I consider sushi to be my favorite food,. Sushi is so much more than just the simple avocado roll or tuna sashimi. It is an art. So simple yet complex, plain yet elaborate. Sushi should be saved for the most special of occasions. Many of these occasions are spent out at some of the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles.

One special spot that I have heard is the best of the best is Katsuya, which has locations in Brentwood, Hollywood and Glendale. They are famous for many dishes, but one plate I have heard is something to try is the spicy tuna with crispy rice. However ordinary this appetizer might sound, it is anything but that. The perfectly spiced tuna sitting elegantly on top of wonderful, crispy rice squares is said to be the “most flavorful thing on the menu!”, according to the menu itself. When I looked at the Katsuya menu, I found another dish extremely appealing: the seared albacore with garlic soy lemon butter. This melt-in-your-mouth albacore is so delicate and tasteful, but if you want to “have an unmatched experience,” you have to order it with truffles for only four dollars more!

Even though Katsuya is one of the hottest spots favored by the Marlborough community, another great sushi restaurant that I personally love is Iroha Sushi in Studio City. From exotic rolls to buttery sashimi, there are so many tasteful choices at Iroha Sushi, but my absolute favorite is something unique. The sushi pizza 1000 is the one of the most creative sushi inventions that I have ever eaten in my many, many sushi-eating experiences. The pizza is made with spicy tuna and shiso, a leafy mint-like plant on top of crispy rice with special miso paste, and is irresistible. I would 110% recommend this and any other dish at Iroha Sushi.

Out of the hundreds of sushi restaurants in LA, you will never run out of places to try.  From Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Pacific Palisades, abundant exotic fish is all around Los Angeles. And here I will leave you with this: even though you may just stick to your normal sushi spot, try something new and delve into a Japanese wonderland!