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Snuggling with Snoozies!

These fluffy slippers come in lots of fun patterns! Photo by Margaret '15.
These fluffy slippers come in lots of fun patterns! Photo by Margaret ’15.

Last summer, I spent a few weeks of my vacation at a beach house up near San Diego. I relaxed on beautiful beaches with warm sand and sparkling water, then perused the many little shops and restaurants in the bright sunlight. Could this idyllic visit get any better?

The answer is yes, with a stop by a crowded gift shop and the subsequent purchase of Snoozies slippers. I don’t know if any of you have heard of Snoozies; they are a relatively new brand of slipper but are quickly gaining in popularity. Normally, I do not consider myself to be a big slipper fan. Usually when I think of slippers, my mind jumps to grandparents, cats and bathrobes. The cute and colorful designs of these cozy foot coverings, however, caught my eye immediately, and I soon became the owner of the best pair of slippers I have ever come across.

I spent the rest of my vacation down-time curled up on the couch, my feet covered pleasantly by warm fluffiness. If you have never experienced the joy of a splendid pair of slippers, give Snoozies a try! Fuzzy and machine-washable, they are a great quick gift and a good deal, with prices ranging from $10 to $14, and they serve as an excellent way to lend a little cheer to your mornings, afternoons or evenings!