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The Santa Monica Grinchmas

Every year, nativity scenes line Ocean Avenue during the holiday season. Photo by flickr user amanderson2.
Every year, nativity scenes line Ocean Avenue during the holiday season. Photo by flickr user amanderson2.

Every Santa Monica resident
Down in Santa Monica
Liked Christmas a lot…

But the Atheists
Who lived just North of Ocean Avenue
Did not!

Recently, my neighborhood’s resident atheists decided to play the Grinch and steal Christmas away. For as long as I can remember, the city of Santa Monica has put up Nativity displays all down Ocean Avenue during the Christmas season. Local families will walk down the road with their little children, stopping to gaze at each depiction in wonder. Although these tableaus tell a Christian story, their message rings true through all religions—the holidays are about being joyful and celebrating with those you love. But, this year, the atheists have decided that the displays are offensive and that paying for them with the local government’s money blurs the lines between church and state. Therefore, because their feelings were hurt, the atheists hung up anti-God protest signs next to all of the structures and  the city was forced to take down the displays and move them to private property.

To the atheists responsible for this breaking of tradition, I want to say, with all due respect, get over yourselves. Seriously. I’m sorry that no one puts up decorations for Winter Solstice (do they even have Winter Solstice decorations? Food for thought…), but that is not the fault of the innocent residents of Santa Monica. The decorations are universally liked and have in the past signified the coming together of different religions to celebrate the festive season. If the city put up festive goodies for your holiday, I find it hard to imagine that you would be complaining about it. It’s impossible to please everybody all the time. Not everything in life is going to be fair, and if you have the time in your day to whine about a couple of harmless holiday decorations, you should take up a more productive hobby, like raising an army of vicious mutant cats. You are abusing your stance as a minority group, and more to the point, making me unhappy (something which I think we can safely agree should be avoided at all costs).