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Supergas: the New Converse

Superga shoes flood Marlborough's halls in a rainbow of colors. Photo by Flickr user 88Locke88.
Superga shoes flood Marlborough’s halls in a rainbow of colors. Photo by Flickr user 88Locke88.

Walking down the hallways, I always see a sea of navy, white, gray and khaki, with black high top Converse, white Keds and the occasional navy or bright-colored sneaker walking along. Everyone’s outfits seem to blur into one big blob, and appearance gets forgotten about as stress takes over. People forget that even though a uniform is restricting, there are loopholes… We can accessorize!  This summer, I decided to add a pop to my uniform through my shoes.

All summer I looked online, searching for the coolest, cutest, hippest, trendiest shoes I could find. I came across Keds, Converse, Sperry Top-Siders and moccasins. I got tired of looking and wanted to give up, but then I found the absolutely perfect shoe. So unique, vibrant and just adorable: Superga shoes. I read they are so hard to find, you can rarely get them in Los Angeles. I was so proud of myself for finding this gem of a purchase.  A purchase that I had to look high and low for online to find. A shoe that no one else would have. Oh, was I wrong…

On the first day of School, I walk in all proud of my beautiful tie-dye faded navy to lavender Superga shoes. But of course, I look around admiring everyone’s clean uniforms only to see a sea of Superga shoes. Pink, grey, navy, white, teal, tie-dye, orange, lime green and black Supergas mob the hallways, rushing from class to class. How did these shoes get so popular?  That’s what I’d like to know. Marlborough, how did you find this treasure of a shoe? I guess it’s the beginning of an incoming trend around the School. On Larchmont, at the Grove, the Century City mall…This hidden gem is so popular, it’s becoming the new Converse!