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Oie Starts Café M and Student Store Focus Groups

Students wait for their food in a busy Café M. Photo by Ana ’15.

This year, Auxiliary Services Manager Clinton Oie created focus groups involving students, teachers and parents to improve options at Café M and the Student Store.

So far the Student Store focus group has only met once, but the group hopes to develop more merchandise that will appeal to students.

Oie said that the goal for the Café M focus group is to include healthier options for students.

            Oie explained that during their meetings, members give all kinds of advice.

“For the most part I listen. I can tell them why we do some of the things we do or don’t do, and they give me suggestions” Oie said.

Oie said the Student Store will develop new merchandise as a result.

“Very soon the students can look forward to limited-edition spirit wear and we are planning a contest to design limited-edition boxer shorts,” he said.