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Injured Israel Defense Soldiers Visit Marlborough

Students listen intently as injured Israel Defense Force soldiers Roy Grilack and Barak Miron share their experiences. Photo by Christina ’14.

Roy Grilack and Barak Miron, two injured Israel Defense Force soldiers, came to Marlborough to speak about their experiences on Nov. 16 in the Board Room. Miron and Grilack travelled to the United States through Hope for Heroism, a non-profit organization that aids soldiers with their physical and mental injuries. Their mentoring program pairs one soldier who is farther along in their healing process with another who has been injured more recently. The soldiers stayed with Madison ’15 and her family.

Grilack served in the Nahal Brigade and suffered five bullet wounds to his leg during the second Lebanon war, in 2006. Grilack is now 27 years old, lives in Ramat Hasharon and studies at Tel Aviv University.

Miron served in the Golani Brigade and was injured by both bullets and an explosion during a rescue mission in Lebanon in 1999. He is now 33 years old and lives in Beit Aryeh.

By sharing their stories with students, Grilack and Miron said they hoped to expedite their mental healing process.