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A New Storybook Chapter

There are no fairytale endings for Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or Cinderella living in the reality of the 21st century. Photo by Flickr user armadillo444.
     Once Upon a Time is back on ABC with a new and more epic season. In season one, we learn that all of the fairy tale characters we know were cursed and brought to the 21st century in Storybrooke, Maine against their will. A long time ago, the Evil Queen shared a secret with Snow White, which Snow then shared with someone that the Queen did not want her to share with. Mad at Snow, the Queen became the Evil Queen and created a curse that would bring all the storybook characters to a terrible place, where only the queen would remember that they were truly storybook characters.
     This place just happened to be our world. All the characters, not knowing who they really were, led their daily lives as people from Storybrooke, Maine, for 28 years.
     The main character on the show is Emma Swan, a bail bondswoman who solves crimes, but she is a complete loner. She has never had any friends.Then, one day, the Evil Queen’s adopted son Henry decided to find his real mother, who turns out to be Emma. He told Emma that she was the only one who could break the curse and bring all the storybook characters back again.
     For the first season, Emma stays in town to ensure that her son Henry is safe. She meets lots of new people, makes new friends, and improves her bond with Henry…until he eats a poison apple that was meant for Emma and dies. Because of this incident, Emma starts to believe in the curse. Miraculously, when she kisses Henry, he comes back to life. This kiss breaks the curse, and all the storybook characters realize who they are. As all fairy tales say, true love’s kiss can break any curse. But there’s one problem: they’re still in Maine.
     This show is definitely a good choice for people who like action! There are a lot of good characters, and the plot is really well-written. But the best part about it is that there are always twists and turns. You will always leave feeling like you don’t know what is going to happen next! Watch the next episode that airs on Sunday at 8p.m.!