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Racing Against the Holiday Clock

Santa and the holiday season are racing towards us. Photo by Flickr user nightthree.

Oh the holidays, the best time of year! They are fast approaching. To most of us, the holidays are a time where we give and get gifts and celebrate with our families. Before we can do that, there is so much planning that goes on behind the scenes. In other words, our parents are busily working to make sure our meals, decorations, holiday cards, parties and presents are pitch perfect.

On Oct. 13 on Saturday Night Live, Christina Applegate sang a song about the last weekend before all the work starts piling up. If you think about it, this was the last weekend that we won’t have continuous holidays. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Hannukah, then Christmas and finally, the new year. The holidays are my favorite time of year, despite the craze. My house gets filled up with the sweet smell of a gingerbread house, the excitement of decorating the room with candy canes, and most importantly the joy of being together. This holiday season, let’s make the most of it! Here’s a plan for making the most out of your holiday:
1) Enjoy the fake pumpkin flavor at Starbucks for as long as it lasts; it won’t be here forever.
2) Bake a lot, it helps get rid of stress. 🙂
3) Eat lots of candy and drink hot chocolate and (non alcoholic) eggnog.
4) Be thankful for these last calm days.
5) And lastly, have a great time with your families!