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Making Your Fave Foods Healthy and Delish

Enjoying yummy food from the Caf is one of the best things to do during all our free time. Photo by Claudia

Teenagers want to eat their favorite foods everyday but may feel guilty since some of these are unhealthy. This oatmeal cookie recipe provides suggestions on how to make cookies healthier. For example, the author suggests adding more oatmeal in the mix, which would allow for more cookies and therefore less sugar in every cookie. Changing ingredients in conventional recipes to make food healthier is so popular that Stacy Fraser, the Test Kitchen Manager at the magazine Eating Well wrote an article for the Huffington Post saying you can cook more healthily by using less oil, not adding as much salt and using more whole grains.

Once a month, my mom and I bake. In order to alleviate some guilt, we alter cookie and cake recipes to make them healthier. In many instances, we reduce the sugar, substitute in whole wheat flour and even add fresh fruit.

On one occasion, we added ground spinach. That was not our best batch of cookies. Since then, we’ve stuck to adding only fruit and no greens!