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Make Music on Incredibox

These guys sing the different sounds featured on
photo by Flickr user ursonate
Do you love awesome online games? Do love a cappella singing? If you answered yes to both questions then you would absolutely love Incredibox!Incredibox is a highly-addictive, interactive music game where all you do is, well, make music! The fun starts at the loading page. Yes, I know, everyone hates the loading  page. But Incredibox makes the wait fun. There’s a guy in the center of the page, if you move the cursor around, the eyes move with the mouse! You can click and drag little icons on the bottom of the page to the shirtless cartoon man on the center of the page. If you let go of the icon on top of him, he’ll start to create a rhythm and become dressed in a snazzy outfit. You can make five different categories of sounds: effects, beats, melodies, choruses and voices. Each rhythm makes a unique sound. For example, one of the voices sings “You are are are are are are are, the one one one one one one one”. So many different sounds and songs to choose from that you never want to stop! Once you’re done with your song, you can share it with your friends, family, teachers or whoever else might want to take a listen. You can listen to an example by clicking here.

Another way to create a song, especially if you’re in a hurry, is to click the shuffle button. By selecting shuffle, the computer will make a song for you, adding a chorus made by the creators called “Are You Satisfied?”