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Six Shooters: A Photographic Conversation

Maggie ’15 gazes at one of the photographs in the Six Shooters exhibit. Photo by Ariella ’15.

“If anyone wants some food, there are snacks in [Seaver] Gallery if you would like to come!” visual arts instructor Josh Deu announced on Sept. 5 to whomever would listen as he moseyed down the halls. In other words, “There’s an exhibit going on that you should take a look at.” The food alone at opening art receptions is quite alluring after a long day of School, but more enticing than the food was the thought-provoking photography exhibit, comprised of the work of “The Six Shooters.”

The Six ShootersNancy Baron, Noelle Gilbert (mother of Grace ’14 and Lucy ’17), Cat Gwynn, Heidi Lender, Aline Smithson and Ashley Stohl — started with an original idea, to create a dialogue between photos. Each artist visually responded to an image posted by another artist on the previous day. The women took inspiration from things like line, shape, texture, concept or specific objects in the photographs of their peers, using these elements to determine which photo of their own to add to the sequence. Therefore all of the photos in the exhibit relate to each other, creating a conversation between photographs.

Marlborough was thrilled to display the Six Shooters’ work after Alumna and parent Noelle Gilbert spoke to visual arts instructor Judith Tanzman’s Intermediate Photography class about the project last spring. Tanzman was so impressed by Gilbert’s work that she introduced the Six Shooters project to the Visual Arts Department and proposed it as a possibility for a show in Seaver Gallery.

The exhibit received great reviews during the artists’ reception on Sept. 5. Ali ’14 attended the exhibit and found it to be distinctive. “Although the photographs were all very different, it was interesting to see how each photo tied in with one another and how each artist inspired each other,” she said.

The show  will be on display in Seaver Gallery until Oct. 5.