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Café M says, “Take A Number!”

Maya ’18 uses the new number system in Café M to order food from the grill. Photo by Margaret ’15.

In years past, walking into Café M during the lunch rush meant ten stressful minutes of chaos. First you had to push your way through the crowd of hungry girls to order food. Then you had to make sure no one stole either your place in line or your food. Only after you got to the front of the next line to pay and finally reached the exit were you able to then escape the room filled with chaos and the aroma of French fries.

However, this year the newly established number system has eliminated much of the anxiety Café M used to cause for both students and chefs. With this new system, girls take a number as they walk in, which is needed to order anything from the grill. The system was installed based on feedback from students complaining that girls cut the line by going around the other side of the salad bar.

Auxiliary Services Manager Clinton Oie said he believes the system is forcing girls to be more honest about their place in line. He also stressed the importance of taking a number, no matter how many girls are in line. “The reason why we still use the system when there are only a couple of girls is because sometimes you blink an eye, and suddenly there is a huge crowd,” Oie explained.

Students are not the only ones benefitting. Since a mob of shouting girls trying to get your attention is not the most serene atmosphere, the chefs of Café M are loving the benefits of the new number system. “It makes us more relaxed, so we can take care of the orders and the grill,” Grill Chef Antonio Cendejas said.

Cendejas added that the chefs are able to remember and get to know the girls better as a result of the new system. “Knowing which order is for which girl not only moves the line quicker, but its nice for us to get to know the faces of the girls more,” he said.