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Students Frustrated with the Separation of Marlborough Mail and Haiku Learning

Jenna looks at her computer in frustration while using Haiku Learning and Marlborugh Mail. Photo by Natalie '16.

You log on to your Marlborough School mail online through the Outlook Web App, search around and realize suddenly that you need to look at something on Haiku LMS!  You have to go up to the search bar, type it in and then finally get to Haiku. What a hassle!  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if Marlborough Mail and Haiku Learning were just one website?  I know that it would save me a good amount of time. If you could reach both of these websites, which you use everyday, in the same place, you would be saved plenty of annoyance. Just imagine it now… there could be a little tab on Haiku that, in just a click of a button, can direct you to to your mailbox immediately. Sometimes, when Marlborough Mail breaks down, you can not access it for hours.  You become behind on e-mails, and teachers get annoyed that you are not checking regularly. This could all be avoided if mail was accessible through Haiku, so we wouldn’t have to worry about these inconveniences. The worst part about having Haiku and Marlborough mail as separate sites is most definitely the e-mail notifications. I get these e-mails every single day saying, “You have a Haiku notification…blah blah blah…your friend posted blah blah…” It is extremely annoying, and if these two websites were linked together in one, those e-mails would never exist.  Now that is something to think about, technology staff!

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  1. Nice article, Jenna! You make valid points!

    Until Haiku and your email system are one, you can control whether you receive email from Haiku – the ones that say “You have a Haiku notification…” To do that, log in to Haiku and in the upper right-hand corner click “My Account -> Preferences.” Then you’ll be able to turn notifications on/off.

    If you have more ideas for how to improve Haiku, we’d love to hear them! You can add your thoughts to our feedback site ( or drop me a line at

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