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Food Nirvana

One could spend hours looking at photos of mouthwatering foods. Photo by flickr user Paul Keller.

I love to eat. Who doesn’t? Every Marlborough girl does. But do we always eat when we want to? Probably not, since I constantly hear girls complaining about their weight. But thankfully I am not one of those people, since I love to eat anyday, e’eryday. But if you are on one of those unhelpful, probably unnecessary diets then I recommend one site:

STOP! I know what you’re thinking: “This chick likes to look at porn!?!!? She be pervy and crazy!” Ok, so I know it sounds bad, but it isn’t. Seriously, just click on the link. We both know you want to, and on my honor I swear to Mrs. Mary Caswell that this is not an actual porn site. It is a site that photographs delicious food that makes you salivate.
I bet you’re also wondering how I found this site. And no, I did not go on Google and type in: food and porn. I found this site from my beloved sister, who likes to cook. So don’t judge, and just look at the nomnom food. I promise you that this will either make you really hungry or just really annoyed that you spent the past few minutes reading this article. If you happen to really love this magical website I showed you, feel free to post it on your Tumblr, share it with friends and family or keep it as your own little secret. Anyways, enjoy!!