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Burger King vs. McDonalds

Burger King rivals McDonalds in several ways. Photo by Billy Hicks.

McDonald’s has received a lot of heat due to the movie “Super-Size Me” and because they are well known throughout the world for being a fast food restaurant. But is the bad press unfairly lopsided towards McDonald’s? What about the other fast food restaurants, such as Burger King?

According to research on the nutritional values of items on the menu at both McDonald’s and Burger King, most items on the McDonald’s menu are healthier than Burger King’s food. McDonald’s is better known as a family restaurant because that’s how they try to portray their products.

Let’s compare the commercials. Burger King goes for a hot woman in a bikini eating a burger while McDonald’s tries to be “wholesome” and chooses a soccer game of little kids overjoyed to eat McDonald’s, even though they just lost the game. Difference? Yes. Think about it: Would you rather go to a restaurant that appeals to the family, like…. Roscoes, or would you rather go to a scandalous place full of single men like Hooters. I, personally, think that Roscoes might be the better choice, and not just because fried chicken is the best thing in the world.

So stop beating down on McDonald’s so harshly. If someone tried to eat only Burger King for months then he would experience the same outcome as the man who only ate McDonald’s. I’m not trying to say that everyone should eat McDonald’s because it’s soooo much healthier and better. We can’t all survive on chicken nuggets. That’s just gross. Just lighten up and stop judging them unfairly. No matter what you say, we all know that in a week you’re going to be taking a stop in the drive-thru to get a Big Mac.