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Behind the Scenes of 7th Grade’s Spirit Week

A 7th grader performs a cartwheel during the 7th Grade's winning lip sync performance. Photo by Isabel Bleimeister

As the seventh graders tumbled out of cars and buses on Jan. 17, we knew that it was going to be a thrilling week. On Tuesday, Spirit Week began, and brought with it costumes, lunch activities and dancing. This, for the seventh graders, was an exciting new experience to embark on. We went from dressing up like 80s girls and Care Bears to lip-syncing like crazy. To make sure our lip-sync went well, we met during lunch and free periods to choreograph and rehearse.
Everyone enjoyed the themes for dressing up that brought a sense of playfulness to a regular schedule and I think that is why we, the seventh graders, tied the eighth graders for lip-sync victory. Since we had the most spirit for all the events, such as Mafia and Capture the Football games at lunch, the Class of 2017 won first place in the week overall and will receive the delicious dessert prize. Furthermore, I felt like I saw more seventh graders being active in these events rather than the older kids because we have more time on our hands. Many seventh graders cannot wait for the delicious dessert bar that will be given to us soon! We were all pleased to hear the news and are glad we had the chance to dress up and dance for an entire week of fun. Hopefully, we will win once again next year as eighth graders because I know that we will surely try. Overall, the Class of 2017 had a blast choreographing our dance, creating a mash-up song for Grease, playing games at lunch and going to School in super-cute costumes.