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What ever happened to phone calls?


"These stories usually involved the cast of Aladdin, and we would read our stories to each other."

I used to love chatting on the phone for hours, having deep introspective discussions. I used to spend hours on the phone with my BFF from elementary school (who I am still friends with, BTW). I also used to write stories all the time, “Mary Sue”-ing myself into magical adventures. These stories usually involved the cast of Aladdin, and we would read our stories to each other. My BFF and I would conference call with my other friend and play Magic: The Gathering over the phone. (This was a card game that was quite popular in the nineties but gradually lost popularity as the company frequently changed rules and required players to constantly buy newer edition cards to keep up.) Even my guy friends were really good at chatting on the phone about nothing in particular.

Do you have heart to hearts on the phone, talking about childhood experiences and dreams? Or do you text about when you’ll meet up and e-mail links of cute puppy videos? I know that in-person socializing is important too, but the phone provides that extra form of communication that I treasure, where looks don’t matter and you’re just sitting there, in your PJs with your hair not brushed, spilling your soul out to a friend.

I have found that if I have “friended” a friend from the past, I feel that we are still in touch via Facebook. The only problem is that she may never post and we do not interact directly, but the online connection artificially consoles me.

I did not learn to text until I couldn’t figure out why my boyfriend hadn’t called but my phone kept mysteriously saying I had a message even though my voice mail was empty. Now I understand the value of texting: Don’t want to intrude on someone’s down time? Want them to feel free to respond at their leisure? Send a text! I love it for conveying quick information, but I am disappointed that I talk on the phone less overall. I have dear friends who I should call, but it just seems socially awkward now to call someone, when they might be busy, and demand their time!

Maybe I could schedule the phone call by texting them first…