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Some Secret Santa Advice

"Santa Clause is coming to town." Photo by flickr user Bart Fields.

Every year since I was five, I’ve found my Hannukah gifts before the actual holiday. At nine, it was an American Girl doll (do you remember Josephine? Yeah, she was pretty cool); at 11, it was a new outfit from Limited Too; and at 13, it was a shiny new Mac (the shine has long since worn off). Needless to say, I was never surprised when I tore open the wrapping on each little present. I’m pretty sure the only gift I ever received from my parents that I wasn’t anticipating was a Glee mug. So as I grow older, I find that I’ve missed out on the most fun aspect of the holidays: getting unanticipated gifts. That’s probably why I so thoroughly enjoy a good round of Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a popular holiday sport around Marlborough: it’s done in classes, advisories, clubs and among friends. The game can be made even more challenging by putting limits on the price of items or the theme of the items. Of course, while the game is fun and entertaining, it tends to bring some stress about what the recipient of your gift really wants. Here’s a list of Secret Santa ideas that are sure to brighten the holidays (and all for under $20).
1.    Food. Any kind of food: homemade, store bought, candies, baked goods, fish casseroles, pies, etc.
2.    Nail polish. You can buy it at your local CVS or Rite Aid, and it’s a pretty gift for a good price.
3.    Socks, especially holiday ones. Who doesn’t like fun and frisky socks? … Did you just roll your eyes at me? Shame on you.
4.    Disposable cameras. Alright, that’s probably a little faux-hipster, but whatever.
5.    Cute Asian erasers.
6.    A humorous tee-shirt from Venice Boardwalk.
Good luck shopping, Santa!