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E-mail Dependency

What would we do without the Marlborough e-mail?

Don’t you just love the Marlborough e-mail? It’s useful for e-mailing anyone in the School, it’s really pretty and purple, and it makes me happy when I see that my teachers respond to my frantic e-mails for help. That’s why when the Santa Ana winds came in last month and the Marlborough e-mail started sending back e-mails and asking if I was an actual mail server, my heart temporarily stopped. My mind raced to the things I needed to get done but couldn’t because I needed the information in my e-mail.

Along with the Marlborough email not functioning, another catastrophe occurred on campus. Perhaps you remember the day that the Internet failed? And I mean failed. Think about it: no Internet. None. Whatsoever. How could the School survive? What do they expect us to use, encyclopedias???
According to Director of Administrative and Academic Technology Stuart Posin, the damage from the winds caused the e-mail to be blacklisted due to the broken firewalls, which the magical team of Technology employees then fixed. They also managed to fix the Internet quickly and efficiently, narrowly avoiding a chaos.
Props to the Technology team for working quickly and being so entirely awesome! Without them, we would not function as a 21st century School.