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Spirit Points

At the of end of every year, Athletics Council traditionally rewards the grade with the most spirit the prized Spirit Trophy. However, they have always had difficulty in choosing fairly. To get rid of this problem, Athletics Council is now keeping track of the classes’ spirit through the new Spirit Point System. Each grade level has its own official tally board, kept in the Grade Level Dean’s room. The point system works as follows: If a student attends one game, she receives one point. If she wears purple to a game, her class receives two points. If she brings signs or posters to the game, her class receives three points. If she wears the Sally the Mustang mascot costume, her class receives five points. At the end of the year, the grade with the most points wins! This new Spirit Point System is a fun way to encourage students to support their fellow classmates in the athletics and a fair way to determine which class actually has the most Mustang Spirit!

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