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Progress in the Garden

A little more than two weeks after its official opening, the new garden already has vegetables and herbs ready to be picked and has inspired an even greener way of life at Marlborough. Below are pictures of the garden as of October 22.

Full Service: The lucky plants in the garden are being cared for with fertile soil from the compost bins and long drinks of water, courtesy of the members of the Seedling Project. Above: Sophie ’13 is pictured watering the garden.

You Are What You Eat: Laurie Brown, Director of Community Service, was a huge supporter of the garden from the start. She said she is “hoping the garden makes us all more aware of the importance of what we eat and where it comes from. Growing your own food is good for personal health and environmental health. Trucking food from far away is an environmental disaster. Keep it local and fresh!” Above: A picture of the garden from ground level.
Growth Spurt: Only two weeks after the opening of the garden, lettuce and some herbs are ready to be harvested and put into your salad at Café M. Pictured above is where chives were planted.

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