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Editorial: To Swipe or not to Swipe

CARDS: Nora Saldizar collects a Marlborough student's money in the cafeteria. Photo by Sophia Cardenas.

Ever since it first opened last year, there have been long lines at Café M during break and lunch.

Back then, everyone used their cards. Nowadays, most students have either forgotten about, lost, or are too lazy to retrieve their cards, knowing that the cashiers won’t mind entering a number instead of swiping a card.

It seems that we all feel less obligated to always bring our “caf-cards” with us when we are buying something.  As a result, Auxiliary Services Manager Clinton Oie emailed advisors on October 5: “Beginning October 11, if you do not have your card, you will need to use the outside cashier at Café M for lunch.” I didn’t hear about this rule in advisory, nor did many other students I asked.

“I didn’t know about this rule, or if it is being enforced, but that’s a good idea!” Audrey ’14 said.

Even if every girl used her card and had it ready to go when she got to the front of the line, I’m sure the wait would remain relatively long.  However, the line would most likely move much faster and save us some of our precious free time when we need every minute to finish those last few homework assignments.

“I think that people should definitely use their cards more often,” Rachel ’14 said. “That way, the line will move faster and we can have more time to enjoy our food.”

Others said the issue didn’t matter to them as much. “I don’t really care. The lines are going to be long anyway,” Lilia ’15 said.

I asked two members of the Café M staff what they thought.  Teresa Ramirez said that she doesn’t care when a student forgets her card; she just feels bad for the rest of the people who are in line waiting.

She added, “There are more students who use their cards then those who don’t.”