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Will YOU Bookmark All-School Council’s Tumblr?

Technologically speaking, we’ve had a lot thrown at us in the past few years here at Marlborough. So why is it, with so many school-related websites bookmarked on our computers, we have an All-School Council Tumblr to make something as simple as ASM announcements far more difficult than it should be?         

The Tumblr was created to make school-wide announcements more accessible, and it does just that.  Even if the site itself may be great, the URL immediately scares students away.  

We all have those sites we check daily, whether it be for a good laugh or for some actual real information.   Don’t get me wrong; the Tumblr looks fantastic, especially with “Marlborough Millie” on it now. Millie, a squirrel found around campus, gives updates on various school-wide activities. But as great as it is, why can’t some things just be kept the way they were? Maybe I’d check the All-School Tumblr if I wasn’t too confused by the similarities between Haiku and Facebook.