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View from the Twerp

Jewels presents: Haikus on Haiku learning

O haiku learning
star of my screen – woo me with
your colored tabbies.

My spirit is full.
The lotus blossom blooms in
Spring. Haiku learning.

Our romance began
the moment you cried when I
made you my home page.

I drink the sweet tea.
Leaves rustle near the bubbling
brook. Haiku learning.

Where are the haikus?
I’m just going to put that
out there, you guys…where…

Haiku coma.  Why
has it been five hours? My
retinas.  They bleed.

Tiny calendar
why are you so tiny.  Where
Is my monocle?

Dejected planner
You just don’t feel the same. Wel-
come to the future.

O’Schedule: drink
Haiku’s sweet milk. Unravel.
Is there “A” today?

Can you possibly showcase
“mediocre” work?

E-dampering my
“productivity” naps?  BE

Each time I get logged
out, I know Mary Caswell
is there. Judging me.

Twiddly white dots: twirl
like the lithe dancer who will
not log me in. Thanks.

What is my password
Oh god what is my password
Wow this is so bad.

Dear assessments tab,
It just tickles me how they
think I will click you.

So easy to use
Your self esteem must collect
dust in the Getty

Mr. Frank loves you.
That still doesn’t change how you
can’t help me with Calc.

You know what, haiku.
We whine on occasion, yet
portal, you are not.

Article by Jewels ’11


  1. Symone W. October 17, 2010

    The portal will always be my safe haven.
    Just compare the definitions.
    Portal-grand entrance and [portal (vein)- a short vessel that carries blood to the liver.(exciting) ]
    Haiku- Japanese poetry. To…suave for my liking.

  2. freshman October 28, 2010

    please tell Jewels she is kinda my hero.

  3. Jewels November 25, 2010

    Dearest freshman,

    I am honored and humbled to exist as your kinda hero. Please inform me of any way in which I may kinda make your day brighter.

    Proportionate amounts of affection,

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