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The Pumpkin Games

photo by flickr user jebb

When word got out that the faculty and teachers were dressing as the districts from our popular all-school book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, everyone was excited.  It was creative, yes, but that was it…or so we thought.  When it came time to announce which district won, chaos erupted from the adults.  Each district was trying to one-up the next, leaving a group of sugar-high girls very confused.

Thank goodness, Head of School Barbara Wagner was there in her fiery red wig to clear things up, but soon she too was speaking madness, announcing that we will host our very own Hunger Games in January. Alright, cool. Speaking as a part of the all-school book committee, I knew that these games were coming.  But I give the teachers major snaps on their fine presentation.

And to everyone who hasn’t read The Hunger Games, you might want to pick up a copy.  If our own teachers are giving up an entire day of classes, then it must be pretty good.  Especially with the recent release of Mockingjay, you’re a square if you haven’t read the trilogy.  There’s even a Hunger Games movie in the future, with a cast that we can only dream of.

What kind of fun competition will our own Hunger Games bring? Will we finally have an answer as to who is better—Peeta or Gale? Mark your planners for January 31, for the Marlborough Games are well on their way.

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  1. Adi November 29, 2010

    January 31st is my birthday.

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