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Modesty Desks: Friend or Foe?

We have had similar chair and desk setups at school for some time now.  Unless you end up getting the smaller, brown desks that are usually in the gym for finals, then you have the standard desk-chair sets that are found all over campus.  It’s actually impossible to use those desks to hold you and all your test supplies, because they are only big enough to be used as a footrest.  However, when you walk by Dr. Millar’s room you see desks that are entirely different.  They have modesty.

Nicknamed the “modesty desks” because the wood panel of the table extends further down from the front, these desks seem like an good idea, especially for an all-girls school where you can (but don’t wan to) see everyone’s boxers at all times.  Why the change, Marlborough? What do the modesty desks have to offer that the older ones lack?

Studies show that ergonomics, designing furniture to allow for better interaction with the users, is very beneficial in school learning environments.  Since the school is heavily focused on creating a good fit for its students, ergonomically friendly desks sound quite helpful.  But these desks have their flaws too.

They may be modest, but these desks are impractical.  They are difficult to stack up when furniture needs to be moved, and to cross your legs if you are sitting down.  How then, you may ask, is it that these desks actually help us? Do you feel any smarter or more focused if you are in one type of desk at school as opposed to another? But then again, the single colored wall in a classroom doesn’t really help me either…or does it?

Bottom line: Until every classroom has Ms Cope’s comfy couches, we’ve got the modesty desks. It’s not the worst out there.

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  1. Mme_V October 26, 2010

    Speaking as a teacher, I *hate* these desks. I wish we had lighter-weight setups that I could move around easily to make my classroom more inviting and more dynamic.

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